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Specify a timeline that works for you. Contract renewal options are available.



Hire the whole team, or hire a team member with the skills and experience you need.



We work remotely and are open to traveling for reimbursed equipment pickup.

Let us help you Save Money

Our consultants have a strong understanding of resource pricing in Azure, and we use this knowledge to provide our clients with insights on how to better manage resources and reduce costs.

Our consultants are experienced in providing technical documentation and can give you insight into your Azure spending using your favorite collaboration tools and documentation software.

Hassle-free integration into your team – that is one of the many benefits of hiring with Bedrock Automation Inc. Our team members are accustomed to using multiple methods of collaboration: WebEx, Skype for Business, Slack, Adobe Connect, JoinMe, and more!

Get Results

Our team is prepared to help with long and short term arrangements. We will work on your terms, whether that timeline entrails completing a project, or helping your team meet a tight deadline.

Global Reach

The benefit of hiring a remote technical team is that we can help you without the need for relocation. Spend less money, have more time!

Experienced Consulting

We have advised clients at all levels, from those who have never even heard of CI/CD pipelines, to those already fully integrated into the DevOps culture.

More Eyes to see the prize

Multiple Skillsets

The benefit of having a diverse, versatile team is the vast perspectives that come along with it. Each DevOps specialist also has expertise in other areas of IT, which greatly aids in troubleshooting and communication with other teams.


Team Members

Howard Brown

President and Founder

Matthew Williams

DevOps Consultant

Nick Nicoll

DevOps Consultant

Emellee Manning

DevOps Consultant

Daniel Saez

DevOps Consultant

Our Consultants

Our consultants wear many hats. Every DevOps Consultant at Bedrock Automation Inc is also a:

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